A very warm welcome to my Counselling and Psychotherapy Service, which is based in Dorset, UK. I am Marianne, I live the beautiful county of Dorset and enjoy counselling and helping people find their way.

I believe that we have our most important relationships when we know ourselves and understand what we mean to ourselves and to others. This is difficult to achieve if we block our own emotions rather that learning to live with them; to live without fearing who we are and how we have grown through what life has dealt us. When we are small we don’t choose who our parents are, what we can and cannot do or what happens to us, but as adults we can redress the balance of abuse, neglect and emotional harm we may have suffered. We can learn to be self-compassionate and look after ourselves; to manage our strong emotions and to find a new way of being.

I spent time getting to know myself and how my personal history has impacted on me so have a good (though not perfect) understanding of myself because of this.

I grew up in Surrey with a tough childhood and family life, from which I have learned a great deal. I was the little carer, the little mother in my family and therafter always seen as the sort of person people would turn to for help and advice. Help and advice I give freely but I slowly came to realise that there is more to helping others than telling them what to do. I learned to listen, I mean really listen, and then to help friends and family find their own solutions. Gradually I became aware that this was a more helpful way for them, and for myself. I didn’t take on the responsibility for their decisions and they didn’t have to choose to take my advice (or not).

Over the years I have learnt more about listening, supporting and helping through counselling and psychotherapy and eventually to qualify as a counsellor. To add to my knowledge I completed a degree in counselling. Although I, like many others in my field, would agree that we never stop gaining knowledge and learning about people.

I moved my practice online using Zoom, during lockdown but now use a mix of Zoom and face to face. If you are in need of someone to talk to then please get in touch. I work in a person-centred (client led) way, using talking therapy supported by CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), compassion and creativity.

On occasions I also facilitate telephone sessions, walk and talk and single session therapy. If you would like to have chat to see if I can help you, please email me.

Note: Having completed the trauma informed (stabilisation, processing and integration) training with STARS during the summer of 2020. I am now a counsellor and client assessor supporting STARS’ clients including adult survivors of domestic and child sexual abuse. At STARS we use a trauma informed approach to provide a safe space to help clients heal and learn, supporting them to learn about the effects of trauma on emotions, the brain and the body and to work through their trauma. If you would like the help and support that STARS can provide, or would like to support them, please check them out here or send STARS an email.

Marianne Taylor

Managing your Anxiety

Would you like to discover how to manage your anxiety and meet people who have similar concerns? Then come along to my Managing Anxiety primer.  A 40-minute exploration of worry and how to manage it.  Here you will learn about the nature and type of worry, how it is prolonged and some tips on what you can do to help yourself.

This primer is an introduction to how I can help you with your thinking styles and how you can help calm yourself across several different concerns you may have.

Primer  £7.50 session

If you want to know more then please email or text me

Email: Imagine.freefrom@gmail.com

Text: 07552 013241