About me

Summer 2020
9:30 am – 2:00 pm
Emotions are like the water – sometimes calm, sometimes rushing, sometimes flooding.

Marianne Taylor, FD (Open) Counselling; Dip Therapeutic Counselling; Dip CBT; Cert Life Coaching; Cert Critical Incident Debriefing

I have been counselling since October 2013

I counsel clients face to face, and online using Zoom. My approach is called humanistic and person-centred and I integrate other styles such as CBT and creativity.

long-covid and post covid anxiety and depression form some of my work following recent research outcomes about the impact this can have on individuals. So if this is what is causing you concern I am here to help as you work through Covid’s impact on you.

I currently work with adults who have anxiety, survivors of child sexual abuse, depression, grief & loss and through my career I have worked with young adult lone parents/carers exploring parenting, debt, confidence, family issues and with clients exploring past history, childhood and adult trauma and abuse as well as those with a history of drug/alcohol dependence; PTSD; dissociation, on occasions I have also facilitated telephone sessions, walk and talk and single session therapy with clients.  I carry out initial assessments and contract for our time together.

Currently I am working with STARS -Dorset both as a trauma counsellor and assessing client suitability for the service; I counsel adults who have experience domestic abuse, sexual abuse and historic child sexual abuse. You can contact STARS here: https://www.starsdorset.org

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) work; June 2021 to June2022

I recently worked as an EAP telephone counsellor, providing one-off sessions and carrying out assessments for either brief therapy (5 – 8 sessions) or longer term therapy; I have recently had training and experience in critical incident debriefing.

Volunteer Listener Samaritans – Salisbury; November 2017 to October 2020

I was a volunteer listener with Samaritans responding to calls, emails and (until February 2020) SMS messages from distressed individuals who access the 24/7 listening service. Many callers, who are emotionally distressed, access the lines to discuss suicidal feelings, ideation and plans. If this is where you are at the moment then please get in touch with Samaritans so you can talk through your thoughts and access some helpful information.

Samaritans calls also include people who have PTSD, have experienced abuse, have mental health disorders, have previous histories of drug/alcohol dependency & self-harm. In fact, anyone who is experiencing emotional distress and feeling overwhelmed.

You can contact Samaritans here

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